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Greek chef

Rixos Premium Magawish Suites & Villas | Safaga Road, Km12, Hurghada, Red Sea Governorate 84517, Egypt


Company Description

Join us at Accor, where life pulses with passion!

As a pioneer in the art of responsible hospitality, the Accor Group gathers more than 45 brands, 5,600 hotels, 10,000 restaurants, and lifestyle destinations in 110 countries. While each brand has its own personality, where you will be able to truly find yourself, they all share a common ambition: to keep innovating and challenging the status-quo.​

By joining us, you will become a Heartist®, because hospitality is, first and foremost, a work of heart.​

You will join a caring environment and a team where you can be all you are. You will be in a supportive place to grow, to fulfil yourself, to discover other professions and to pursue career opportunities, in your hotel or in other hospitality environments, in your country or anywhere in the world!​

You will enjoy exclusive benefits, specific to the sector and beyond, as well as strong recognition for your daily commitment.​

Everything you will do with us, regardless of your profession, will offer a deep sense of meaning, to create lasting, memorable and impactful experiences for your customers, for your colleagues and for the planet.

Hospitality is a work of heart,
Join us and become a Heartist®.

Job Description

Assist the Executive Sous Chef in the full operation of all kitchen units.
2.2 Is responsible for the cost, quality, hygiene, taste, presentation of all types of food
produced in or purchased by the facility and the customer satisfaction related to these.
2.3 Within kitchen hygiene rules chef who is working in the kitchen should have short
and well cared hair, it is not allowed that man has a moustache or beard.
2.4 Identify the work methods and cooking standards and ensure that these are applied to
ensure that food is prepared in a quality manner and that personnel work efficiently.
2.5 Work in a coordinated manner with all section chefs and instruct them as needed.
2.6 Personally control that the presentation and quality of food prepared for breakfast,
lunch and dinner is in accordance with the standards


 Education: At least a high school or vocational diploma.
 Experience: Extensive practical and managerial experience related to the processes in
the respective department (at least 5 years).
 Foreign Language: At least intermediate level English.
 Courses and Training: Prior attendance in courses and seminars in the related field.
 Computer Literacy: Basic computer applications.
 Skills: Has excellent command of all products and cooking techniques in the related
field and is responsible for business development. Has advanced knowledge of the
other kitchen sections and processes. Has knowledge of local or international cuisine.

Additional Information

2.23 Implement his responsibilities in order to eliminate and collect waste in a proper way,
reduce environmental pollution and harmful effects to the environment and lead to
2.24 Provide carrying chemicals safely, carrying, storing and using in accordance with
laws, controlling reducing chemical dirtiness.
2.25 Carry out all responsibilities related to the quality management and food safety
management systems implemented at the facility.
2.26 Carry out all other duties assigned by managers and hotel management not specified
in the job description.

* these questions are a must