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Security Bouncer

Mondrian Doha | West Bay Lagoon Doha, Qatar


Company Description

From high-octane lobby socialising to events, celebrations, and business conclaves, every venue pulses to the electric Mondrian beat. With food and nightlife venues spread across eight different locations on the property, there is nothing like Mondrian Doha in the entire region.

Job Description

What do we expect from you?

Under the general guidance of the Security Director & Security Manager, the Security Bouncer reporting to the Security Supervisor, operating within the limits of Mondrian Doha policies and procedures as a junior member of the security management team.                                                       

To achieve and comply with Mondrian Doha and statutory policy and legislation requirements and support the Security and Safety function in the delivery of service excellence.  Safeguard the premises, guests and reputation of Mondrian Doha and liaise with the guests to foster good customer relations. 

To work within the parameters of the security manual and hotel security and safety procedures.

How your day looks like:

  • Gather formal and informal information on losses/occurrences’ and communicate both up and downwards.
  • Be part of a 24/7 rota, and to share night duty responsibilities once per month with supervisors and other Team Leader.
  • Prevent theft and damage to the property of our guests, staff and the Company.
  • Respond and to take appropriate action in respect of any emergency situation.
  • Assist the Police and other Government Authorities in relation to any investigation, ensuring compliance with legal requirements.
  • Assist guests and staff to evacuate the building at times of emergency, ensuring that panic is minimized and control is maintained.
  • Communicate any untoward incident to Security Supervisor/Manager and/or Duty Manager, and ensure all activity during shift is recorded in the daily occurrence book.
  • Sustain the Security Control Room, and oversee all persons entering via the Staff entrance.
  • Ensure all Visitors/Contractors sign in and out and are escorted appropriately.
  • In the absence of the Security Supervisor/Manager, the Security Officer on duty will attend the daily briefing at 1000hrs and give a brief overview of previous day.  The evening briefing must also be attended.
  • Be flexible and assist other departments with any requests unless otherwise engaged.
  • The public areas and perimeter must be patrolled regularly, this is especially relevant to the evenings when the hotel is ‘buzzing’.  If you have to leave for any other duty, inform the Duty Manager.
  • Report all accidents and record them in the accident book.
  • Record all incidents, both guest and staff, in the log and a separate report emailed to Security Supervisor/Manager and hotel management who, in turn will advise other relevant parties.
  • Be impartial in reporting incidents, regardless of person or consequences involved.
  • Security Officers to open guest safes on request, and assist with lost property procedures.
  • Attend failed wake up calls, and security room requests/incidents from the Manager on Duty.
  • Maintain a close working relationship with all departments, keep Manager on Duty informed of all relevant incidents and occurrences.
  • Conduct a minimum of 15 staff searches per shift.
  • Oversee the team’s performance with KPI to assist supervisors compliance checks
  • Assist in ensuring that Mondrian Doha is ‘demonstrating the licensing objectives’.
  • Carry out your duties as per instructions specific to the event.
  • To act fairly and compassionately and not unlawfully discriminate against any person on the grounds of color, race, religion, gender, sexuality or disability. Likewise, not to base decision and problem solving upon personality, position and status.
  • Undertake and complete any special projects, tasks or other reasonable request by your department head and/or Hotel Management.
  • To report for duty punctually (at least 10 minutes before your contracted start time).
  • To report to and take directions from the DPS or person in charge of the event being supervised.
  • To keep confidential all security arrangements for the event and keep informed of any changes to those arrangements (e.g. external security company).
  • To maintain good order on the premises and to ensure the safety of the guests and staff at all times.
  • To refuse access to anyone whose presence at the event might render the DPS or person in charge of the event subject to prosecution for any offence, or on request of the event organizer
  • To use tact and diplomacy as the first tool to resolve conflict; in the event that does not work, only use the minimum amount of force as necessary for the intended purpose.


* these questions are a must