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Chef DePartie Garde Manger

Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt


Company Description

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Job Description

  1. Prepare all potentially hazardous foods at the correct temperature according to the HACCP guidelines.
  2. Follow appropriate personal hygiene procedures to ensure food served to guests is safe for consumption, including disinfecting hands prior to handling food and wearing a hat/hairnet and proper footwear.
  3. Responsible for preparing, producing, and presenting the variety of food related to his/her section.
  4. Ensure that all of the food included in the daily menu is prepared.
  5. Within kitchen hygiene rules chef who is working in the kitchen should have short and well cared hair, it is not allowed that man has a moustache or beard
  6. Make use of current ingredients in the best possible manner.
  7. Inform his/her supervisor of the materials needed for the following day to ensure that they are provided from the storage house.
  8. Assist in designing and preparing the decorations needed to decorate the buffet for food presentation.
  9. Pay utmost care to the quantities planned for the food portions.
  10.  Store the food in his/her work station in the most correct manner.
  11. Pay utmost care to hygiene, cleaning and health conditions.
  12. Perform duties in the related section of the kitchen and carry out the instructions related to the section.
  13. Responsible for all preliminary preparations and controls in his/her unit during working hours.
  14. Ensure that food is prepared in accordance with the daily buffet programme for his/her unit.
  15. Responsible for producing food according to the standard recipes developed for all foods in order to standardise the portions, taste and quality.
  16. Pay attention to presenting food in a striking and attractive manner and its decorations, in accordance with Rixos Hotels’ standards.
  17. Support and exchange information with other sections.
  18. Ensure that the storage houses that belong to his/her section are always kept in a clean and orderly manner.
  19. Assist the Steward Supervisor and team in upholding the highest standards of cleaning and hygiene in the kitchen.
  20. Keep records and ensure that records are kept related to the preparation, cooking and presentation of food, as required by the food safety management system.
  21. To implement necessary warnings and departmental trainings in order to save energy inside the facility.
  22. Implement his responsibilities in order to eliminate and collect waste in a proper way, reduce environmental pollution and harmful effects to the environment.
  23. Carry out all responsibilities related to the quality management and food safety management systems implemented at the facility.
  24. Carry out all other duties assigned by managers and hotel management not specified in the job description.


  • Education: At least a high school or vacation diploma.
  •  Experience: At least 8 years of practical experience.
  • Foreign Language: Not required.
  • Courses and Seminars: Prior attendance in courses and seminars in the related field.
  • Computer Literacy: Not required.
  • Skills: Is an expert on the products and cooking techniques in the related department. Has basic knowledge about the other kitchen sections and processes. Expected to possess technical knowledge and work experience related to the methods, advanced techniques and work processes in the related field. Expected to perform jobs that require technical expertise and experience in the field, concern more than one unit/process, and are similar in nature.

Additional Information

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Our commitment to Diversity & Inclusion:
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