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Front Desk Receptionist

Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt


Job Description

* Carry out the entry and exit procedures for guests and address any problems they may have during their stay.

* Perform his/her duty according to the practices, operational instructions and procedures identified by the Front Office Manager.

* Carry out the check-in and check-out procedures. 2.4 Monitor the VIP, COMP and HOUSE-USE during all stages.

* Carry out the foreign currency exchange transactions.

* Take over the cash register at the beginning of the shift in full from the previous shift and hand it over once the shift is completed.

* Enter the cash revenues of the departments into the cash register.

* Handle guest complaints and ensure that the necessary action is taken (room change, breakdown reports, cleaning complaints etc.).

* Continuously monitor the hotel’s occupancy and reservations and forward any unguaranteed optional reservations that are overdue to the Reservations Supervisor or Reservations Officer.

* Issue a reminder to rooms that need to check-out and, if an extension is requested, carry out the necessary procedures and inform the Housekeeping Department.

* Handle all breakdowns, complaints etc. at the lobby and ensure that the problem is solved.

* Take note of guests’ wake-up call requests.

* Forward guest requests to the Guest Relations Department.

* Read the log book and identify the jobs that need to be followed-up.

* Gather information about all of the events at the hotel.

* Has knowledge of the night audit procedures.

* Always greet and bid farewell to guests in a friendly manner.

* Exchange reports with other departments in full.

* Ensure that all official documents are completed in full and in an orderly manner.

* Provide full and accurate information to his/her managers.

* Take part in the Front Office Department’s internal communication meetings and trainings.

* Monitor the daily occupancy rates and forecasts in order to contribute to maximizing the occupancy rate at the facility.

* Knows whom to contact in case of an emergency such as hospitals, taxis, police, etc.

* Pay maximum attention to representation. Is always careful as his/her attire, conduct and speech represent the facility.

* Take part in the Emergency Response Teams.

* To predict that all activities and to purchase all equipment and belongings may create disease for the environment, to join all activities which is organized to protect biological diversity and share the responsibilities, shares the individual responsibilities in order to increase environment knowledge and to carry on necessary trainings. To provide minimum consumption currently used all stuff and equipment (paper, printed out, etc.).

* To implement necessary warnings and departmental training in order to save energy inside the facility. To carry on implementing decisions which were taken for saving energy. To predict the effects of the environment and efficiency of energy on purchased equipment.

* To implement his responsibilities in order to eliminate and collect waste in a proper way, and reduce environmental pollution and harmful effects to the environment.

* Carry out all responsibilities related to the quality management and food safety systems implemented at the facilities.


* Education: At least a high school or vocational diploma.

* Experience: At least 2 years of related work experience in the industry.

* Foreign Language: Sufficient level of English and Arabic to communicate effectively with guests and employees.

* Courses and Training: Theoretical and practical background.

* Computer Literacy: MS Office applications, Front Office programs (Fidelio, Opera, etc.).

* Skills: Expected to have technical knowledge and work experience related to the methods, techniques, and work processes in the related field. Is familiar with guest profiles based on his/her experience. Instruct colleagues who are less experienced on how to address guests. Expected to perform jobs that require experience in the field, concern more than one unit/process, and are similar in nature.

* these questions are a must