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Head Bartender

Rixos - El Alamein


Company Description

Rixos Alamein is a modern, luxury resort that boasts a prime position on the unspoilt, northern Mediterranean coast. This beautiful resort is a splash of colour against the backdrop of the desert, with the rich cobalt blue sea stretching out beyond the horizon and the lush gardens and green palm trees fringing the pristine sands. El Alamein is an up and coming destination and therefore offers a quieter retreat than its better-known sister resorts on the Red Sea. Do not be fooled, however into thinking that in any way sounds dull! Rixos Alamein offers guests a treasure trove of activities and entertainment to indulge in, creating wonder and enjoyment for all guests. Friends, families, young or old, the resort is a destination for those seeking an active luxury holiday. For guests wishing to venture beyond the resort, El Alamein is known for its rich heritage and close associations to World War II. El Alamein is home to the Al-Alamein Military Museum, which offers a fascinating insight into and pays tribute to Egypt's fundamental role. Rixos Alamein is located 310 kilometres from Cairo, 140 kilometres from Alexandria, 145 kilometres from Mersa Matruh and 19 kilometres from Alamein Airport.

Job Description

1.    Has the capacity to perform, implement and monitor the general services to be offered in all of the bars.
2.    Assist head bartender to coordinate the bars and its personnel.
3.    Identify and ensure repair of technical breakdowns in the units.
4.    Assist head bartender to arrange the monthly inventory count and report the result to the Food and Beverage Manager.
5.    Ensure and control on a daily basis that preparations are carried out in the bars.
6.    Consolidate the relationships between departmental employees.
7.    Ensure that preparations are made before service for special occasions and control the preparations.
8.    Maintain departmental equipment.
9.    Control employee compliance with the work schedule.
10.    Assist head bartender to identify the daily beverage consumption demands.
11.    Regularly control the backup beverage storage, identify par stock levels and monitor that stock is always available according to the par stock levels.
12.    Organise the process of greeting customers, seating them at their table and seeing them out.
13.    Responsible for developing the training programmes and for the training of employees in his/her department.
14.    Monitor the work carried out by personnel under his/her responsibility.
15.    Meet regularly every day before preparations and service with his/her senior managers.
16.    Listens to employee issues and problems within the department and reports these to senior managers.
17.    Perform the job according to the practices and operational standards identified by the Food and Beverage Manager.
18.    Forward the Food and Beverage Manager’s orders to the bar personnel.
19.    To predict that all activities and to be purchased all equipment and belongings may create disease for the environment, to join all activities which is organized to protect biological diversity and shares the responsibilities, shares the individual responsibilities in order to increase environment knowledge and to carry on necessary trainings. To provide minimum consumption currently used all stuffs and equipment (paper, printed out etc.). 
20.    To implement necessary warnings and departmental trainings in order to save energy inside the facility. To carry on implementing decisions which were taken for saving energy. To predict effects of environment and efficiency of energy on purchased equipment. 
21.    To implement his responsibilities in order to eliminate and collect waste in a proper way, reduce environmental pollution and harmful effects to the environment.
22.    Carry out all responsibilities related to the quality management and food safety management systems implemented at the facilities.
23.    Carry out all other duties assigned by managers and hotel management not specified in the job description.


  • Education: At least a high school or vocational diploma
  • Experience: At least 4 years of experience in the industry.
  • Foreign Language: Intermediate level of English and/or Arabic to communicate and keep track of the technical information in the related field.
  • Courses and Training:  Vocational trainings and seminars.
  • Computer Literacy: Not required.
  • Skills: Knowledge of products and services in the related field. Expected to integrate and coordinate his/her unit’s operations.
* these questions are a must